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My Story

Hi! I’m Alessandro Recchi

I’m a Software Engineer from Italy, living in Munich, Germany. I have a passion for architecture, design patterns, and clean code.

I currently work as a Software Engineer at Google. I’m mostly focused on Android right now but I want to explore more platforms in the future.

Before Google, I worked at Freeletics as a Senior Android Engineer and before that I was living and working in Milan for Accenture as a Mobile Engineer and Consultant. Working in that environment and in such close contact with different clients taught me a lot about the role of the modern Software Engineer.

During that period I had the opportunity to speak at Droidcon Turin 2019 about clean architecture. Talking live in front of so many people is one of the most thrilling experiences of my life.


I always liked teaching and find a way to explain complicated subjects in an easy way (also this is the best way to actually learn something).

In 2020 I had to chance to start teaching as a Freelancer and jumped right into it without giving a second thought.

Currently, I teach 2 courses on Kotlin, a basic one and an advanced one, but who knows what the future will bring.

If your company is interested in providing high-quality Kotlin courses or you have a few colleagues or friends you want to learn Kotlin with, contact me.

My (other) passions

Let’s start with the fundamentals. Deep down at my core, I’m a nerd. TV Shows, video games, superhero movies, you name it I’m probably into it (except comic books, unfortunately, I never got into those).

Since I moved out of my parents’ house I discovered my passion for cooking, mostly Italian things for now but I want to learn different cuisines (one day this paragraph will become a super long link to my future food blog).

What else? My hometown is on the seaside so I grew up loving the mountains (I know you probably didn’t see that one coming). At least one week per year my dad would take the whole family to the Italian Alps to ski. At 14 yrs. old I switched to snowboarding and I have to say I found my true love (even though I managed to break both my wrists on the second day).

Curious about what we
can achieve together?