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println(“Hello World!”)

Hello Future Readers 👋
Welcome to my shiny new blog!

I thought a lot about what my first article should be, if I should do some kind of introduction for the website or if I should get right into some technical topics.

Every programming language tutorial starts always in the same way, explaining how to print on the screen the string “Hello world!” and I thought it would be fitting to do the same. As you can guess I decided to go with an article introducing the website.

First of all…If you don’t know who I am (or are you just curious to see how I describe myself) check out my About page.

What can you expect from this website?

Hopefully lots of fun stuff!

Jokes aside, I have been talking about creating my own website for years, I even had one for a few months during my first year at university but it didn’t last for too long. I’m sure this time will be different. Regardless of the number of readers that I will have the website will help me to get better at writing (a fundamental skill for an engineer) and advertise my current projects.

It happened multiple times that I read an interesting tweet and feel like I want to expand on that topic or that I receive questions from my students and the answers are worthy enough to be transformed into full-fledged blog posts.

You should expect mostly articles related to coding best practices and trivia, architecture, and a sprinkle of more personal articles (I don’t want to spoil too much for now).

Why not Medium?

Medium is a very interesting platform and I have plans to play around with it with a deferred publishing strategy on Medium but nothing beats the freedom of having your own website, owning your content, and advertising yourself and your services however you want.

That’s all folks!

Stay tuned for the awesome content that it’s about to come…